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What area do you cover?

We cover most of the North West and North Wales.  Our central Cheshire location gives us great access to the motorway network. 

do you limit guest prints?

Unlike other booth companies that limit prints to 1 or 2, all our print services have one simple rule “If you are in the photo, you get a print”

How many people can get in a shot?

The joys of our Selfie Mirrors using professional DSLR camera’s is that we can set the system to capture a lot of people (space dependant).  Our record so far is 26 people in one shot, and yes, everyone got a print!!

is there someone to help with the booths?

Our Selfie Mirrors are always manned by at least one uniformed attendant (normally there are 2).  Our Selfie Pod can be hired as a drop off and pick up service with an additional refundable insurance charge.

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